Can someone help me with a player model issue I keep having on all my models I try to make?

Hey there, I’ve been running into an issue for a while now and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Every time I upload a playermodel into the workshop editor to make sure everything is alright, all of my models keep having bent legs. I’m not sure if I just messed something up during the weight paint process or what. I’ve checked everything and inspected up and down and all around when I was weight painting to see if I accidentally weight painted something to somewhere that I shouldn’t have and nothing comes up. Everything is done correctly at least I believe to the best of my knowledge. So can anyone help me with this that figured out what the problem was with the bent legs issue?

Can you send a screenshot so we can visually know what the issue is?

Yeah, sorry about that. I apologize it took this long to get back to respond to this. But, this is what I mean about the bent legs issue.

I know there’s other issues on the models themselves, but those are easily fixable. The one that’s bothering me the most is the legs.