Can only put 1 Magnet in cart at "Gone Fishin' Bait Shop" at a time

When purchasing directly from Sir Reel at the “Gone Fishin’ Bait Shop” on the pier, I am only able to put a single Magnet in the cart at a time. However, every other bait works as intended. This bug doesn’t seem to apply from Tower Express.

Steps to Reproduce

Just go up to Sir Reel on the Pier and try to purchase multiple magnet baits.

What I expected to happen

To be able to add multiple magnets to my cart and purchase multiple at once.

What happened

I am forced to add 1 magnet to my cart, checkout, add another magnet to my cart, checkout, etc. Luckily this is very minor, as it seems you can buy multiple at once through Tower Express.

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this is fixed in the next update


Oh! Alright!