Can friends send server or game invites?

I’m asking 'cause I don’t have friends to try this out with.

Here’s a scenario in case you don’t know what the question is:

So Zak starts up a game of TU Alpha (in the current version) and starts up a condo server.
He starts to decorate and sets up a hilarious scene of a crab on top of a canvas with foohys’s face on it.

Zak wants Lifeless to see his creation, so he invites him to the game via the steam in game overlay.
Lifeless wants to know what all the fuss is about and he clicks the dialogue link within the chat window that popped up.

Lifeless’s alpha boots up and joins Zak’s server and they both laugh at Zak’s creation together as the greatest of friends thanks to the invitations sent in the steam overlay.

It’s sorta like how you play garrysmod and you message your friend and say “join this server” and you get a message through the chat.

So is it possible? Has anyone tried?

I’ve tried, the “invite to game” doesn’t work


So the only way to join or start a server is through the browser.
Alright, thanks a ton.

It will be a feature in later builds.