Camera tool zoom improvements

I love the camera tool and I use it a lot myself especially when exploring really nice condos but I kinda feel like it’s a bit lacking.

The one thing I really dislike about it is that I often find myself struggling to find a good position for taking photos/screenshots at the ‘Z’ key’s fixed zoom FOV. It’d be nice to at least have the ability to manually set the FOV in GMod’s camera style or something similar.

It’d also be nice if the camera system was a bit more expanded with maybe filters and DoF aperture FX and stuff, although that seems like a more ambitious and time consuming suggestion so I wouldn’t expect it to get added any time soon or ever, especially since I don’t think there’s that big of a user base that uses the camera for anything more than just funny screenshots and stuff, and I’m not sure if UE’s renderer would allow for that without too much effort.

By the way, I couldn’t find any other threads about this, so I apologize if someone’s already suggested this or if it’s already been talked about.

This is actually a really good idea. All the camera does is remove your HUD, but you can turn off your HUD whenever by pressing F5. The right click zoom is also the same FOV as the Z zoom, meaning that both of the camera’s key features are redundant (unless you really care about the little vwoom and click sound effects the camera makes). To add to your suggestion, I suggest that the camera should have a flash option that, when enabled, spawns a bright light (brighter than the flashlight?) when you take a photo.

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