Cafe LeBlanc + Surrounding Area (Persona 5)

As you can tell, I have too much time on my hands (thanks corona… :expressionless:) and I have used this time to replicate the cafe and area around it from Persona 5.

A lot of the buildings don’t have an interior so I have added some that I thought were fitting to make it more interesting.

This is far from completed and many areas are still pretty bland, they will be filled with detail soon, I thought I would share this as my Halloween condo flopped and I have been working on it a lot the past week :grimacing:

Cafe LeBlanc


The Velvet Room

The Onsen/Laundrette

Random Apt 1

Random Apt 2


Karaoke Bar


This is incredibly impressive

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oh nice, I joined this condo earlier and thought it was cool

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Thank you so much! :blush:

Thanks! :grin:

Never played the game but dang that’s very impressive