Buyable machines

Being able to buy the arcade machines to use at your condo

They would play like normal but you would be able to place them in your condo

I’m certain this is a planned feature.

If you could have the Arcade machines in your Condo, there would no longer be a need to actually go to the Arcade itself. And people would start to ask for other things too at that point, like the casino machines and bowling alleys or fishing minigames and whatnot. It would incentivize people to go to the Plaza when you can do these things in private in your Condo. The games main attraction is socializing with other people in a common space, which the plaza does.


The thing I see most of the time when people request these is that the versions within your condo would not give tickets, they’d be there purley for the gameplay.


And that is something i would be fine with as well.

hmm that is a good point

I think they plan to have a kart milestone for accelerate.

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Has this been confirmed or denied to become an official thing? I’m trying to follow Trello, Steam update pages and some of forum threads but I haven’t seen anything relating to this anywhere. I am worried this might have had been dropped off as an idea.

I would not mind seeing this happen. Seems like it would be an amazing addition!

As long as it is still planned, yeah. Currently the idea seems to have had been dropped for the workshop Arcade cabinets with custom games being an Arcade exclusive feature, which I am fine with, even if it takes away from a fun concept of making your own Arcade in Condo. Yes, I do know about the addition of LibRetro powered Arcade cabinet items for the condos that have just dropped, but I feel this would only enhance that experience of having Condo full of games.