Buy minigame guns and use them in condos and/or plaza

The guns in the minigames are beautiful and sound good but we can’t use them outside minigames (at least i don’t think so).
Would be very fun to shoot them off at my friends (with no damage) in my condo and/or plaza.

I think it’d be better to earn them through milestones / achievements, like being first in the snowball event, or accumulating some total points, to unlock the snowball shooter.
Everything so far is buy or RNG, so event-only items will be perfect for milestones / achievements to start making items earned instead of bought :slight_smile:



Oh, fuck yeah. That’s awesome


“Equip TNT anywhere you want”
Well then…


YES! I have been begging for Revolver since it was first sneak peaked!

Also I want to know if its confirmed that guns will only be cosmetic in condos or if we’ll ever be able to enable PvP for fun. I’m sure it’d be different because Virus/Laser Tag doesn’t use the same Capsule hitbox used in condo/lobby right?

If the Devs have ever stated their intentions someone let me know please.

I want to allow PVP through a PVP area that you can spawn for Condos.


Wait, really? That would be awesome!

Yes! This sounds perfect. Imagine being able to make FPS maps in your condo!

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