Buy as a gift?

It would be cool if you could buy something as a gift… I mean like if you could buy for an example a computer and got it wrapped in as a present… You could hold it and show it to people and you could place it down at a friends condo on their birthday maybe? :smiley:

Just had this suggestion and i had to post it :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it’s been confirmed that user’s can trade item’s with each other already.

Yeah i know… But it would be cool if you placed down a present in your friends condo to suprise him/hers on his/her birthday or at chrismas time…

Maybe instead of a placeable object, have a wrapping paper item that lets you wrap an item, then trade it to someone, or have a dropdown option for gifting it to them.

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Thats what i meant!

Most likely won’t happen due to the inventory system being on Steam. However, we will have a present item which will be similar but it gives out a random item.

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somewhat off topic… how long does it take for say after you get rid of an item for it to leave your inventory and is there a big wait time when… 200+ people are changing and making their condos at one time?

Shouldn’t make one bit of difference.

Condos and condo editing is now client hosted, so there should be absolutely no delay as it’s not communicating to a server over distance, it’s communicating to the server hosted on your machine.

Also, if you’re going to ask an off topic question, try not to bump an old thread. :wink:

Its still “front page” of suggestions i didn’t know, aka i’m going to post here.

Timestamps are on the right-hand side of posts, please acquaint yourself with them. :smile_cat:

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