Buttload of suggestions #1

-I add more suggestions anytime I get a new Idea! When it gets to full, Ill make #2. These Ideas are lose and optional. Any questions? Ask me!-
·Random Npcs that walk around in the lobby.
·Custom skins for players in new UCH and weapons in new PVP.
·Settings for Jetpack (Smoke Color, How fast you go, etc).
·Playing in the game world with people on your friends list will get you both 5% more money.
·If not already, facial hair.
·Pets that stay in your Condo (Cats and Dogs).
·Particle Store
·Steam avatar (profile picture) is placed on the front and sides of your Accelerate kart.
·Cutouts of the developers (Just to keep a item similar to the Obama Cutout in the game, and I care about the devs :wink:).
·Condo room: attic and/or basement.
·Drone item that you can control in air.
·Collectible expensive action figures sold at the Toy shop
·Every time you get a Steam trading card, you get a in game item of a trophy/display case of the card you got.
.Placeable ball that you can hold and throw in your condo.
·Portable game system based off one of the arcade games.
·An RP game in the arcade with a save system.
·Have an option to enter servers/game in 3rd person.
·If not already, a Gun that shoots streamers.
·Ele​:small_red_triangle_down::small_red_triangle: tor: Source| easter egg.


The particle store is currently under way according to multiple sources, and I believe that facial hair selections will also be a thing.

I love the idea of the jet pack smoke color and condo pets. :smiley:

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Nice ideas! I particularly love the steam avatar on the carts idea, sounds awesome :smiley:

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Good, I can finally be the crazy cat lady my bearded self has always aspired to be :smiley:

Seriously though condo pets sounds like a really fun distraction from the normal lobby stuff

didnt dislike a single there.