Butters Makes way too Many Threads

He made at least 15 today.

It’s better than nothing. As long as they’re somewhat substantial and relevant, there’s not an issue here.


But couldn’t they all be in 1 thread instead of 12?

Possibly. A massive suggestion post would be tidier, but some of them are too unrelated and detailed enough to warrant their own post.

Again, in the end, it’s not that big of a deal. Plus, for a post like this, you’re better off messaging a moderator/developer instead of calling someone out on the forums.


Not sure how making a thread complaining about people making threads is productive.


good point.

I agree with matt on this, but seriously. I looked in the suggestions category yesterday and saw like 15 things made by him. But hey, he’s got a lot of ideas I guess…

Now I wait for my stupid thread to be locked.