Busted my ass trying to make a killer condo. Hope you guys like it!

Big thank you to Jordan and his amazing tips for inspiring me with this condo!

We cant see the pictures sadly


did you paint everything white?


Unfortunately, you are a new user. As such, Discourse won’t let you post pictures. Hang around a little while; once your username isn’t grayed out, you will have basic user rights (it shouldn’t take much more than a day, though I don’t remember the exact requirements off the top of my head). Then, come back and edit your post to add all the pictures again. Until then, we won’t be able to see your creation.


I’ll check out your condo in person.

The requirements are super low. It requires you to read posts for 10 minutes, visited atleast a specific (low) amount of threads, and maybe posted atleast once. It’s super quick to get, I got basic user in about 30-50 minutes of being a user here.