Burning question about the Halloween Event

So I was looking at the Tombstones around Tower Unite and I noticed this

(not sure if the picture will load but it says Frankie the Hotdog 1993-2023 Eaten by a Chihuahua doing what he loved.)

Who is Frankie, what was it that he loved doing? Is this Foreshadowing for what’s to come to Tower Unite?

Frankie is the dog in the hot dog costume manning the cart on the docks


AHHHH okay! I still think its foreshadowing for what’s to come in 2023 :grin:

Actually thats Franky

Also he’s not a chihuahua, he’s a dachshund in a hotdog suit.

So who Frankie The Hotdog is… that is a mystery, along with the chihuahua’s identity…

Pixeltail if you’re reading this I totally expect a grand battle between a Chihuahua and a hotdog by 2023.

(oh oops i just bumped a month old post… I forgot its december already)

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Ooooooh you’re in trouble :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Loads shotgun

Nowhere does it say that Franky is a chihuahua. It says he was eaten by a chihuahua. And yes, the spelling isn’t consistent but its very obviously supposed to be him.