Bunnyhopping in little crusaders

ohh boy, here comes another LC post.

why is bunnyhopping not speed capped in little crusaders?

in GMTower it was forcefully capped by the game itself, so the argument “so it’ll be more like ultimate chimera” is irrelevant here. hopping should carry your momentum, not increase it.

also air strafing seems a bit drastic, it needs to be less prevalent so you can’t make full 90 degree turns in one jump.

the source movement changes are good for the game but hurt the way little crusaders is played drastically as i’ve seen people running bunnyhopping scripts in 1/3 games i play of it now.

it is to my understanding that the developers intend to allow you to bind scrolling to jumping, but having to change your controls just to be competitive in a game mode means something isn’t right.

i know that saying these things probably won’t change a thing but i feel that many people have voiced their opinion on this issue now but not much has been done to remedy it.

  • Add a cap to hopping speed in LC
  • Reduce air strafing effectiveness
  • DON’T add a cap to hopping speed in LC
  • DON’T reduce air strafing effectiveness

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i can tell you for a fact that the speed is severely reduced in this latest update compared to how it was prior

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Yeah we pushed an update that capped the movement speed like a week and a half ago


Yes, to repeat Will, there is definitely a speed cap on the bhopping in and it was further capped in, as we adjusted it more from feedback and game testing.

How does the scripting work if there’s a cap to bhopping speed?

the hopping speed is still monumentally faster than sprint speed, and you generate the speed extremely quickly, so bunnyhopping’s effectiveness is still huge compared to normal movement measures