Bunny player models?

I couldn’t agree more. I know @macdguy said they don’t cater to fandoms, but nobody said that has to be the case when including certain content. I don’t remember which thread I posted it in, but I touched on the fact that an anthropomorphic animal character wouldn’t necessarily be ‘furry’. It’s in itself just a character.

I mean, GMTower has a dino character, and I’ve not seen anyone calling that out as a ‘scalie’ thing.

Exactly. I myself don’t care for if the content can be related back to a fandom because I don’t see it as some indestructible link to the group, but simply as what it is.

But then again this is a big conflict in the real world right now too, isn’t it.

They were originally Nican’s fursona, so they are definitely tied to the fandom.

There’s that name again! Anyone know where that dude went? He was my favorite dev back in the day man

He works at Microsoft.

Woah, that’s actually cool
Does he do like “cutting edge of technology” stuff? I’ll bet he does.

I wouldn’t know. We don’t talk much.

They did it. The time has come.

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I have them, but need help to import them to rig them, i’m kind of noob about modeling.
Here’s the link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/74jeyjh17nuslvn/Basic%20colors%20Rabbits%20of%20GMT.zip?dl=0 :rabbit2:

i could do it

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legs are bleh, but it came out well
chat in second pic hahah

yeah i would say it is about done, i can change the texture.
it’s pretty cool.

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Legs were always like that, that’s the funny side :slight_smile:
There was a lot of textures, made by people for this model, featuring various characters as rabbits of course. And i’m not sure i have them

it has an array of colours to choose from and you can edit any of them fairly easy.
im going to do a couple more things then zip it and put it back here

Thank you !
Do you think you can upload on workshop the basic colored ones already ?

yeah if you want
also im making a quick video on how to make it custom

Yeah, of course you can upload them.

the video i made is still uploading, but it is all done
EDIT : there it should be done and ready video is uploaded, everyone can be free to make their own rabbits!!!
EDIT 2: also put a working link
EDIT 3: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1527378354
here is the white rabbit if you want to mess around ingame with it

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Holy Moly https://steamcommunity.com/id/Robintron/myworkshopfiles/?appid=394690
nice Bumpy

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Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

What player height did you used ?
50 ? 60 ?

I feel like slow when using your rabbits, it acts like potions, slowing you down.

It is intended ?