Building Tower Unite Cursors

Heya Pluck the Dragon here, as I’m getting used to build a cursor since my past cursor building sessions, I decided to create a new topic for the making of the Tower Unite cursors.

As you can see, I’m using cursor editing software called RealWorld Cursor Editor to make cursors for Tower Unite. I’m starting off with a pointer with a color gradient of blue and pink to simulating the game logo.

There’s an alternate cursor in the works.


Done. I took me all the way till afternoon to make these Tower Unite cursors.

[Image Removed] My PC couldn’t handle the changes from the thumbnails.

[Content Deleted]


The stem of the 2nd cursor is intentionally elongated, any insight as to why?

The alternate cursor?

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dude this is wicked cool.
I love cursors customization

NGL, they look pretty cool! :slight_smile: