Bug with text chat duplicating

This bug has persisted since I got the game a few months ago. When sending text in global or local chat it would sometimes randomly duplicate my message multiple times so after pressing send it would fill up the chat box. This understandably upset everyone in the chat and they would call me a hacker or ask to have me banned, and me trying to explain the situation would only fill the chat box even more making everyone mad again. I avoided text chat for a while but a few days ago I tried to say something in the lobby and it ended up duplicating again. Someone called for me to be banned and this time someone responded by banning me from chat for a few days. I do not know how or what circumstances cause this bug to occur but it has left me unable to use text chat for the time being and I fear it might lead to a more permanent ban despite this being out of my control . Any help would be appreciated!


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