[Bug] Tetris/Blockles Scores Do Not Record on Account or Leaderboards

This has been a recurring issue since day one of playing Tower. If you go to my account stats on GMTower.org, you’ll see that I have a Tetris score of ZERO. Clearly, this is incorrect. The other day, I scored 10,093 points in Tetris. Not the first time I scored above 10,000, but also not the first time my score wasn’t recorded. Now, I’m not someone who’ll sit here and absolutely need my scores on the leaderboards, as I’m not insecure nor do I need solid proof to feel good about myself, but I still would appreciate if someone could look into this and possibly get my scores recorded. Thank You. -Topaz

Do you have any proof of this?

No, I do not, but the score is irrelevant anyway. It’s not like I can’t achieve it again. However, a score of any value not being recorded is the main issue here that I’d like to get resolved.

I could see this being a huge problem for the people that are trying to get the tetris award…

Hopefully there’s a way to fix the bug, not recording scores at all is a problem :confused:

Oddly Enough, it actually keeps track of the score for the awards, but anything else, it says I have zero. So I have all of the Tetris awards, but I’m not on the leaderboards, nor does my account have a correct score.

You can play Tetris on GMT? There’s my weekend :smiley: