Bug list

Some of these may have been reported before, but there are so many that I don’t think that really matters. Sorry for low-res photos, and also some of these bugs may be nitpicky.

I will add more bugs/map problems to this list as I find them, so look out for those.


Well done on another comprehensive bug list!

Good list. I have one for you to add if you can.

-Going into the color changer thingie in your condo, mashing ‘E’ while in this GUI causes the whole game to become dimmer and dimmer beyond recognition. Requires a restart afterwards.

I found a small bug.
-If you equip the headphones from the Audiophile perk (The headphones that change color depending on the song) they float next to your feet instead of going on your head.

@TurquoiseGaming, I don’t think those are the one’s from the Audiophile perk…They’ll have just regular headphones and then the special ones. But yeah, that is a bug. There’s bugs with all the hats, but they’ll fix those probably in the next patch.

@DignifiedPeach Oh my bad, thanks for letting me know.

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You’ll probably be seeing the backer rewards on the early access release on steam next year. :smile: Sorry if I sounded mean…That wasn’t my intention.

Thanks for your report! This has been forwarded straight to our Trello board. You can track its status there.

Please report these as separate bug threads if applicable still.

Sorry, I’ll resolve this soon, just been too lazy as of recently to check these in the latest alpha

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