Bug catching and terrariums

I think it would be quite fun to run around the lobby catching various insects and butterflies. We could buy terrariums for our condos to put our critters in. There should also be different types of insects in different seasons. For instance if it’s summer, cicadas and lightning bugs will show up more often.


Add some fossil collecting and we’re making Animal Crossing 2.0.


Doesn’t sound so bad when you heard it. There’s an almost unlimited list of potential features of activities that could be added.

Someone all ready did this thread.

Like before, can you please link us? Cause I wasn’t able to find it.

Tittle was about fish bowl
it was talking about fish bowl and other stuff like terrariums.

I like collecting things, therefore this idea is good. But why stop at fish, bugs, and fossils? By that point you could just go the Sims 3 route and make EVERYTHING collectable. Add in flowers, fungi, exotic pets, even friggin’ rocks. It might sound incredibly silly but I feel like it would be an endearing way to add more life to the map.

Wow. Even I think that this is a bit too much.

What, are you telling me you don’t want a shelf full of slightly differing rocks?

Seriously tho this is a good idea. But it might be a huge undertaking seeing as how fishing needed a stretch goal.

Pets rocks?


Hey that wouldn’t be too bad :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, if you like Animal Crossing you should check out this game:

That game is too cute. It’s overwhelming.


I honestly got interested on it, but to what point it reconstructs the Animal Crossing experience is a good question.

For 10 bucks it seems like it would at least be worth the money.

Dunno. I would have to search around to get some information. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there could be SUPER rare things that you could catch to decorate your condo with and brag to your friends or sell to other players/npcs for a big profit!!! For an example how about a fairy in a bottle or maybe some kind of golden insect creature?


But it should be one of those humanoid faries like in Wind Waker. 10/10 would make a fairy cry in a bottle again.

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That actually sounds really good

I only had to read the title and im already down for this idea :slight_smile:

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Even if the ability to catch bugs isn’t added I personally would love to see butterflies, bees and cicadas in the lobby.
It would add some more movement to the lobby which I think TU kinda needs and the ambient noises of buzzing and cicadas singing would be really nice to listen to (As long as there’s an option to disable those noises, the summer months are loud enough IRL with those damn cicadas)

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