Buff the Super/Ultra Rare spaces on Spin to Win

Most of the super rare and ultra rare spaces on Spin to Win feel very underwhelming for what they are and how rare they are.

  • The random pets, grand piano, and both projectors can be bought with units for a relatively cheap cost. The time spent earning enough units to buy any of them is much less than how much you’d have to spend spinning the wheel to get one unless you just get extremely lucky.
  • 10,000 units is a .008% chance to drop for some reason even though that is less than 1 match of any game world except Accelerate.
  • I think the shrine and gold pile are fine since the former is pretty expensive, and the latter, while also being a fishing drop, is pretty rare to get from that too.

I mostly would just like if these spaces were replaced with things that are rarer to get, or maybe new items exclusive to Spin to Win.

  • I think the random pet thing would be cool if it gave a random pet from By the Sea Shore, since the sea dollars required to buy them are a lot harder to get than the Units for the current random pets. Also there would be a larger pool of random pets to get which would be neat
  • The 10,000 Unit space should be bumped up to 100,000. It’d be a pretty significant amount of units that’s much more fitting for how rare the space is, imo.
  • I had an idea for a Hologram Projector item while writing this suggestion, which would be a fitting replacement for either the digital or laser projectors. Basically it would create a screen in the air (configurable size/distance from the projector), and maybe it could have a visual filter like the Screen frame on canvases.
  • I don’t have any ideas for the other spots sorry : (

If you take a look at this week’s devlog, one of the new rare prizes is literally a new condo, so they definitely seem to be making things better.

Yeah, the new spin to win wheel is really cool, but it’s not a replacement to the current one, the current one is still going to be in the casino. My issues with the current one aren’t made invalid by it

I do believe you can’t put everything on the wheel as something valuable, unique or rare. You do need a fair share of low quality items to offset the things people do want.
I do agree that some like the laser projecter or grand piano could be replaced; maybe even replace one with a “5 random event coins” but there does need to be some pretty meh items on the wheel to stay. As the second one is more expensive per spin versus the original that is cheaper.

As for random pets, I do wish the pool for random pets opened up to orbiting pets as well. And that perhaps including the seasonal pets in the roll for what pet you do get. That way; while the chances are slim, you could still technically earn seasonal pets / coins from Spin2Win. Ofc at a possibly great loss of units from many attempts.

Wait…did they say this somewhere? I was under the impression they were replacing the old spin to win with a new one.

In the latest dev log you can see that the new wheel is going to be on the space side of the s2w room, and the old one is on the desert side:

Oh yeah, hadnt noticed that. Interesting.

the outcome “absolutely nothing” should be dropped by chance, because more than half of the time you aren’t winning anything more than hula doll or potato.

since we’re talking about the wheel, the nothing spin achievement is broken, so hopefully that will be fixed with the changes.

I’d also like to see an autosell option so i don’t have to keep dumping potatoes, dolls, and other “junk” rewards