Buff the Little Crusaders Dragon

As it is right now, it’s practically impossible to win as dragon in a game of Little Crusaders. From all of the 2 matches of LC I’ve played since came out, the dragon has not won at all, and at the very most it kills only 2 knights before immediately getting the button pressed. Here’s a few solutions I thought up with:

  1. Make the bite delay similar to UCH. In UCH (Reconstructed, at least) there is almost no delay to biting, where in LC it takes what feels like over a second to move again. In UCH, the near lack of delay makes it easier to dodge the pigmasks coming onto you, but still gives them a chance to press your button. In LC, when you bite your button is almost certainly getting pressed, and you don’t have nearly enough reaction time to dodge it.

  2. Remove Tail Whip stopping the dragon. In UCH, you can move while tail whipping, which makes it easier to dodge pigmasks who try to run up to you after you wasted your energy on a whip. In LC, a knight can just run up to you after you whip and press the button, since you can’t dodge.

  3. Make it harder for the knights to jump over the dragon. A lot of times I’ve seen the dragon die are because a knight just crouch jumps over them and immediately presses the button. In UCH, you can’t even jump over the chimera at all (I think, correct me if I’m wrong), and makes it more of a challenge to press the button when combined with tail whip while moving.

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These are just my opinions, what do you think?

I’d really like the ability to tailwhip while biting or during the small delay afterwards. Cover your behind with your tail and instantly become a lot more defendable because of it.


ill go with suggestion 1, since 80% of Dragon Deaths are from when you stand still after you have attacked

I did this a lot in UCH it was very much a thing but you had the crouch jump at the right time for it to work properly.

I think these changes will help:


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