Buff the Egon Cannon and Minigun

This could just be my skill issue talking (I’m not the best at tracking and consistently hitting enemies), but the Egon Cannon and Minigun feel significantly weaker to me than any of the other super weapons. Like, even any of the regular rifles (tommy gun, bug blaster, laser rifle, etc.) feel much easier to get kills with to me which really shouldn’t be the case considering every other super weapon is basically free insta-kills.

I’m going to assume most people reading agree with me that these weapons could use a buff and propose some balance changes:

  • Buff egon cannon damage to ~18-22 per hit
  • Buff minigun damage to ~12-15 per hit
  • Increase minigun ammo to ~200-250 (mostly so there’s more ammo to spend on flying around)

Also these would require more effort to add than changing stats but they might be cool too:

  • Add an alt fire to the egon cannon that launches a mini-BFG orb that tickles nearby enemies with electricity and deals 75 damage to anyone it directly hits. The orb dissipates at about the same distance as the primary fire laser’s reach
  • Add an alt fire to the minigun that winds up the barrel; winding up for long enough charges up a short (1-2 seconds long) buff where accuracy is improved and fire rate is increased

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I agree, I think the Egon Cannon is fine personally, but despite being a super weapon I honestly think the Minigun is one of the worst weapons in the game right now. It’s super hard to track people and most the other rapid fire guns kill faster anyway, even the Bert Gun I think. And since it slows the player down it makes it really easy to die using it. In all of my Gun Game matches I’ve found that the minigun is one of the hardest weapons to get a kill with, along with the Bert Gun and some of the melee weapons