Bring to console?

Please could you consider bringing this amazing game to console? Since many people can’t afford to run a game like this on their computers (like me) and also it will bring many more people to the game. It could be a digital download so it’s easier to sell on your part. I don’t think I’ll be able to experience this game because of my computer so bringing this game to PS4 would definitely get a sale from me. I’m sure many other people would love this to happen so if you could consider this it would be great! Thanks

I believe the Team has said that they are focusing on making this game run on the PC, and not much else.

If you are worried about performance issues, you can try out the “Performance Tester” thing Zak posted about here. Unreal Engine 4 is very flexible and it should run on many different variations of computers. The Team has also talked about in live streams that they aren’t just catering to the high-end system holders, as they are doing beta testing on a old laptop as well.

I tried the performance tester and I was running on like 5-10 fps which is horrible… and that is great news! Hopefully I can run the game at a stable 30fps at least if they’re catering to more than high-end computers like you said. Thanks for the quick reply! ;D

Did you use the buttons to change the rendering? I don’t remember quite how the demo works but I remember there was a way to scale back the textures and effects.

The only way this is coming to consoles is if the PC version is a success, and even then, I doubt it will happen.
They simply don’t have the time, money, or resources to make this a multi-platform game at the moment.

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We don’t have plans for releasing to consoles right now, but even if we did we’d still be most likely releasing them some time after we release the Windows/Mac/Linux versions.

There’s a chance it’ll happen, but it won’t happen for a while.

(Oh, and before you ask, no, we won’t be porting Tower Unite to smartphones.)


Yeah I was on 10 fps on the lowest graphical setting lmao…

Okay that’s fair enough, and I’d never ask about a smartphone port hahaha that is simply not an option, thanks for the reply :smile:

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