Bring back plaza fireworks!

Bring fireworks back!

The community misses being able to use fireworks in the plaza, we need to bring this back I mean seriously remember how cool that feature was? Fireworks were one of the plaza’s main features it had to offer for players.

removing them entirely was to stop players from launching other players up, why can’t the “protect from items (leave me alone)” setting just disable collision for the players who don’t want to be launched? or even we could have the collision removed entirely?

yeah this should be brought back tbh! upvote!

Agreed! I think disabling collision and perhaps putting a cap on quantity per pkayer would be a “safe” way to bring these back, and I thought it was always really cute. Ditto for placeable drinks!

I don’t think them interacting physically with players had anything to do with their removal. During the engine upgrade beta test attempting to place them could just crash the servers, which is why they were removed at the time. I believe Mac has said that specific issue has since been fixed however.

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No, it was the horrible lag spikes that it would create. I was there years ago when Zak was first testing this and the frames would drop significantly when a bunch were fired off at once but, as EvKem mentioned, a cap would definitely help alleviate that.

bruh whaddya mean “No”,

the issue with the placeable fireworks was one with the inventory system and dedicated, there was a bug where the dedicated server would check if the item was authentic on steam and would sometimes return null and crash the servers. the bug was fixed since disabling them but I still wanna make it different than dragging them from the slots to keep it consistent with other items

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This is planned. Here’s a thing Mac said about it on the Discord server last year:


Huh. I guess the performance thing was an older issue that got fixed. It definitely was a real thing that I was there for but apparently some other issue came up after that that I wasnt aware of. My mistake.

can attest, was the one who accidentally kept crashing the beta servers with fireworks