Bring Back Lobby 1 (Please read)

I couldn’t post this in the GMod Tower forums because they’re currently disabled. So I hope it’s okay that I put it here.

I know this has been mentioned quite a few times before, but I think it would be great.

Lobby 2 has quite a few performance problems (such as low FPS) as we all know,
due to the Source engine not being able to handle so much.
Also, it seems Tower Unite is going to much more similar to the lobby 2 map than the lobby 1 map.

So my suggestion is to maybe use your second server to host the lobby 1 map and the primary server to host the current map.
I think this would be great for the older players to have, as well as people who just don’t like the lobby 2 map as much for whatever reason (lag, size, etc.).

I don’t think this would split up the community as people would probably play on both servers, since one would get full often. After all, it’s just a different map.
Maybe you can also have cross server chat as was suggested in the GMT forums long ago. So players can chat with eachother across servers.


How about the option to be able to host Lobby 1 on your own dedicated server?

If we are going to be able make custom items for our servers, I’d imagine we’d be able to at least change the map of our own servers :blush:

GMTower is shutting down as soon as unite is released. They moved to UE4 because of the points you mentioned in this post.

Working on gmtower now is not going to happen. It’s just illogical, and if ‘it’s just a different map’ then why is it important? Gmtower is certainly not the priority for the dev team, and as @meharryp said, it’s shutting when TU is released, so it’s not worth the time.

Also, @Onyx, the lobby map will need to be ported to UE4 and fixed before this could happen. Also, Lobby 1 uses a ton of textures from Half-Life 2, so simply slapping the map on UE4 would be blatant copyright. Because of this, the devs have said that you could edit all the textures to be reminiscent of the ones used on the Source version of Lobby 1, and then use the map, but a straight up port just can’t be done.

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I don’t think they said they were going to “shut down” GMod Tower. I believe they said they would stop supporting it, like adding content/making changes, once Tower Unite comes out. But I thought they were going to keep the servers running.
This is actually a bit confusing because in the FAQs it seems contradicting, I quote:

I was referring to the server when I said that. Meaning, just changing the map to lobby 1 on one of the two servers should be easy. Besides, they took some features out like Trivia. :disappointed:
It matters because as I mentioned, the map had a lot less performance issues (worked nearly perfect I’d say), and it was a better and more fun map to play on in my opinion (and other’s opinions).

They are going to keep the servers up, but this is only until the release of TU. Once TU gets released onto Steam, they are going to shut down the GMT servers (hopefully to make them TU servers!).

As far as bringing back the Lobby 1 map, I can only echo what the others have said. They won’t be making an effort on updating anything with GMT, so bringing back Lobby 1 for one of the servers isn’t going to happen. There are quite a few things that have changed and been added between the end of Lobby 1 and the release of Lobby 2, so they would still need to update the map with some things.

These features probably weren’t removed, they were most likely broken as either the Source engine updated, Garry’s Mod updated, or as GMT itself updated. As such, reverting to an old map won’t fix these features.

I hope this answers any questions you might have had.

Well I think they actually removed the trivia because they didn’t have the time or resources to find a spot on the new map for it (the lobby 2 map).

It’s just disappointing to think that GMod Tower, with it’s original map and feel, will be gone forever.
Most really old games still always have a way to be obtained and played, just by finding the files. But since the original GMT files were kept secret so only they could host it, there would be no way to ever to play it.

Also I would hope that nearly all stats, like GMC and awards, will be carried over to Tower Unite. Because I really have put hundreds of dedicated hours (not idling hours) to earn what I have. I still wanted to get to 1,000,000 GMC and obtain all awards, that was sort of my goal to finally be satisfied of what I’ve done (and I’m pretty close).

The Trivia game broke back during the Lobby 1 era. It simply stopped working properly, and I guess the devs simply weren’t able to bring it back. Luckily, it will return in some form for TU.

I’m certain that someone will remake the map at some point. I hope, at least. There’s plenty of footage on Youtube, so someone could rebuild it from reference if they can’t find a file hidden somewhere.

It has been confirmed that your GMC will be converted to Units and carried over into your TU account. All trophies (and general items) will also carry over if an equivalent item exists. If one does not exist, a full Unit refund will be issued (this goes for trophies as well). I’m not sure what stats will be transferred, but I would assume that some of them would transfer (this one I’m not certain on, though). All of this is only if you want to, though, so you can get a fresh start if you wish.

There is a spot, the door to the left at the arcade are what’s surposed to have the trivia area. However they mentioned that they reached the limit to what source maps could do, so i’m guesssing they didn’t add it over because work on TU started aswell as the fact that trivia was actually pretty limited, you could have all of the questions on a spreadsheet because there weren’t that many, aswell as it actually completely breaking in tower 1 at some point, i’m not sure what caused this or wether or not it was fixed as i stopped playing for a while after that untill tower 2 came out

Well that sounds good.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do like “new” and should be able to adapt okay. Maybe not as well as others because some people seem to instantly learn how a game engine works and take full advantage of it.

But lobby 1 just held a special place with me; with it’s map design, funny little rabbit player models/other special addons that were removed, and the fact that it felt like a very exclusive server in Garry’s Mod at the time, with unique gameplay. It was a gamemode of a mod of a game, I just loved that. And I’ve just gotten so used to the Source Engine I don’t want to leave it.

It just seems that I like to stand in the shortest line. I like to be a part of something that’s isolated, but not empty. Maybe that’s a bad thing. Or maybe I just really like the old Tower, and can’t handle that it will be permanently gone.

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Maybe someone on the workshop will make a recreation of lobby 1 on TU. You never know what people will do.

That is good thinking, but will we be able to use custom maps? I feel like we could only download things like player models and items.

Well other severs may be able to run different maps.

Don’t forget Unranked servers with ultimate customizability will be a thing. I’m SURE those will be able to have custom maps. Not so sure about Ranked servers, though.

There could be an option to choose what map you want to host, but the problem comes in where Lobby 1 and Lobby 2 worlds will have to constantly be updated; they add a new gamemode, they change BOTH maps. Lobby 2 will work much better in the UE4 and looks better. It would be very hard for the devs to add features to both maps, and most of the new features in TU wouldn’t work in the Lobby 1 setting. They’d have to redo it anyway, and that’s why they made Lobby 2.

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