Bring back Grass World for ballrace


Grassworld was a favorite for a lot of tower fans and i’m sure many of us will be happy to see it return!


Grass World was kind of a mess. It’s progression was weird and it had too many elements to focus on one. I would appreciate time being spent on a new map, not this.


I liked its weird progression. It was wacky, difficult and had personality. I’d like to see what the devs can do with the last classic map left to bring from Gmod Tower


Difficult??? What?


Lol there was a challenge. Not like prism but harder than nimbus


That’s not saying much.


I don’t see why I would need to say anything impressive about the difficulty. It might be easier for you but i’m not that good. That would be “not saying much”.:slight_smile:


Keep in mind that if they make this into a map again we will have all the classic maps from gmod tower :slight_smile:


You’re forgetting Ice World.


And Sky World.


But isn’t Nimbus Sky World?


Nimbus has very little holes in common, a completely different theme and visual style, and does not imcorporate the same elements that Sky World did (water, tubes, etc.)


Summit is pretty much based off of ice world. Then again if they do choose to make an actual ice world with…ice. Then that would be cool as well


Nimbus is based off of sky world. If they were to include it it would be the same thing lol


Summit’s completely different from Ice World. It has different a e s t h e t i c s, different level design, a different amount of levels, and different difficulty.


Good point my friend. We have two maps left, grass world and ice world. I’m still leaning on the grass side though, then maybe, ice


Ice World unfortunately cannot be brought back unless we get express permission from the original creator, as it was a community-made map.


I know you and your team are hard at work so i’m not expecting anything. But if you do choose to make a new ballrace map in the future, a lot of people would love to see grassworld again :slight_smile: