Bring back Gmod Tower OST

Bring back the audio/music during Christmas season ( I think it was from Animal Crossing). Very fond memories.

Also, add more ambiance or the music you hear in the background.

I have my lobby music on high and I barley hear any lobby music nowadays. If I do, it’s always the same thing; it needs variety. That’s all, thanks.

-A nostalgic gamer from GMOD tower

While i completely agree with the need for more vibrant background music almost everything used in GMOD Tower is out of the question. Tower Unite is not allowed to use any copyrighted music (which GMOD Tower has a lot of). Any GMOD Tower tracks that weren’t copyrighted are already in Tower unite.

I am not a dev so if i made any mistakes here i apologize

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But animal crossing is copyrighted.

Sadly almost all of GMT’s OST is… well, it leaves the O out of OST. I loved the more present music though, and all the Plaza music is infinitely too subtle. I need more tracks like “Lobby3” from GMT. I need that song in general. It’s one of my favorites.

You right


The main reason you hardly hear the music in the plaza is because plaza ambience is broken and needs a complete overhaul, IIRC.

if you like lobby3, you should check it out with words attached -


Listen to the ambient music on the soundtrack. It’s WAY too understated and it rarely has much structure. The soundtrack is incredible but these songs are really lacking. I understand they’re meant to be in the background, but there’s not enough substance.

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I could have sworn this was the “Lobby2” songtrack, still a good song.

GMTower Lobby 1’s OST most definitely won’t be coming back nor will I be hosting any re-uploads ever of the download, to say the least I pretty much stole those songs and out of respect for the artists - who a lot of them since have re-packaged the songs in question into paid albums, I don’t think it would be at all okay for myself or anyone to put them up for free anywhere.

The Christmas OST tracks are available to stream on the internet.

Entertainment Plaza -
Lobby Roof -
Lobby -
Purchase -
Outdoors -


More Plaza music is being made, along with an overhaul on the system.

We will not be using any music (unless it was already made by Will himself) from GMod Tower.


Excited to see what music comes as the game progresses!

I’m really liking the atmospheric ones, like in the lobby :smiley: