BR Eruption needs some polish

  1. First criticism right from the get go is the lava…

It is too bright

I can’t play this level for too long on the account of the lava related eyestrain

If the either the bloom or the brightness on the lava materials or both could be toned down then that would be excellent

This really do be giving Lost Izalith from the original release of Dark Souls a run for its money:-

  1. The map in general needs some visual variety

It all looks very same-y

The map is dominated by the same materials, decorations, and colour scheme throughout the entirety of the run

The scenery at the rear at the goal of every stage looks virtually identical

There is nothing to distinguish alternate routes from the main route

  1. Dodgy collision on lava and on small rocks

Strike a small rock at the wrong angle and the resulting trajectory kills the run

Pass a small puddle or column of lava close but not close enough and it is still enough to pop you