Bowling : No payouts for the 10th frame


You will notice when you play a game of bowling that you don’t get paid out for the 10th frame.


Not a bug, you get the payouts after the game ends, those payouts are included in the final payout.


No bud, you only get the thanks for playing and the payout for your score, you dont get the payout for a spare, strike or open.


Exactly, the payout gets added in there.


Exactly. That’s the payout for that final frame. The payout will be different depending on what you got in the final frame.


You definitely get additional Units for your total score, but I think Vaibhav’s correct; I don’t think you get the additional bonus for your performance on the frame itself. For example, if you get a strike on the 10th frame, your score (and the payout from that) will increase, but the payout for that strike won’t be gained.

Or, to put it another way, if you get a strike on your first throw and gutter all the rest, your total payout over the entire game will be greater than if you got a strike on the tenth frame and guttered every other throw despite the two scores being identical.




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