Bowling Game - CLOSED (time zones map included)


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Hey everybody, Ruka [fr] here!

I’ve created a mini-bowling game using empty bottles as the pins, and the golfball as the bowl.

Here is a quick video on how it works:

  • Each participant will have 4 rounds to play.

  • Break a maximum of bottles to win.

  • The fact that I can hold 160 bottles on me, there will be a maximum of 8 players. There will be a break middle-game to allow me buying another set of 160 hundreds (~10 min of break) )

  • Anyone (who has the golfball) can participate (leave a reply if you’re willing to come. I WILL TAKE THE FIRST EIGHT PEOPLES TO REPLY!! BE QUICK!!!)

  • Be sure to be able to last the whole game!!

  • 15k GMCs for the winner

There’s no upcoming game for the moment (here’s the worldwide GMT zones anyway:)


I’d like to join

you’re in :smiley:

Seems interesting, so I’ll participate. How are you going to give the prize though? Trading’s disabled, so that seems like an issue.

I’ll duel the winner (multiple times if he doesn’t already have 15k, since the winner of the duel can only get at maximum, the same amount of GMCs he currently has)

And you’re in :relaxed:

I forgot how messed up Russia’s timezones are… Also im unable to join

I’ll be joining.

You can still spectate, or even do the referee if you have a microphone (which I don’t have)


this was fun, thanks :smiley:

Thank you for your participation!!

I’ll try planning another one :date: