Bowling / furniture

-GTA 4 reference a
-Wii Bowling ball

-Flower pot (colorable)
-Small cactus
-Normal bedside table
-Old bed (like the one from gmod)
-Item Use switch (ex. disable the ability to interact with certain items, This can protect your catsack from S-accidets)

-Forest cabin (Ahhh, I LOOOve the nature)


There’s a crap ton of Plant suggestions. Please use the search function to see if something has already been suggested.

What’s wrong with the bed we have? :cry:
The rest sounds good to me. Sorry if I sound like an ass.

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Hi there, thanks for your suggestions.

In the future, please keep your suggestion thread to one suggestion at a time and use the mega threads for items and condo suggestions:

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Copyright…hell nah, how can a mall reference be copyright + Wii bowling isn’t copyrighted since it’s a meme basically

By “Old bed” i didn’t mean replace the new one, i ment to add a ugly old bed as a deco

All because it’s a meme doesn’t mean it’s not copyrighted. Wii Sports is very copyrighted by nintendo, so is the console itself. Playing their music/putting their logo on a ball would be infringing their copyright and is very not good.
As for a GTA 4 reference, that would be fine as long as you arent displaying anything from the game itself. Something like a paper on a table that says “hey niko lets go bowling” or something like that would be fine.

I didn’ mean the music or something.
I meant the ball design for wii bowling

I would like Minigame Furniture and condos it would be amazing