Bowling ball model suggestions

  • Eyeball: Changing the color could effect the iris only.
  • Hamster Ball: Transparent ball with a hamster running inside
  • Basketball: Cause space jam just had it’s 20th anniversary. Hell, you guys already have the texture for it.
  • Glass Ball: Just a plain transparent marble with a slight colored hue.
  • Yin Yang ball: Because they looking cool when they’re spinning.
  • Dog/Cat heads
  • Wireframe/Laser Ball

Glass bowling ball with fish in it


Swiss cheese ball. No extra holes necessary.


Some transparent bowling ball with a nice neon effect inside (not the plasma bowling ball). I am thinking of that effect where two neon trails are spinning inside all the time.

Also various Polandball Bowling Balls, because polandballs are simply amazing.

Canvas bowling ball.

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trail bowling ball, leaves a colorable trail whereever it goes.

As much as I like this one, I fear the worst from people using it.


parental controls are a thing

Yes, but being forced to turn it on so you are not able to watch other canvases which doesn’t have that kind of content isn’t good either.

Annoying Orange bowling ball



To whoever edited the title of the thread, isn’t that a bit redundant? All bowling ball models are just spheres.

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“Hamster Ball: Transparent ball with a hamster running inside”

Best suggestion ever i want to see this :joy:

Spike Bowling Ball
Makes sick knife hit sounds when it smashes the cones

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First make the gold bowling ball to make the pins gold

Ball race bowling ball “hey is that me in there” shows mini player static in glass bowling ball


you do know people can put whatever they want on any canvas, right? i can put profanity on my condo wall just as easily as a potential canvas bowling ball.

I love both these ideas.