Bots For People Who Want To Play Singleplayer Games

There are some starting player requirements that people cannot make due to not having enough friends, don’t want to play with other people, want to maybe have a full game of people to play or people sometimes don’t want to wait around for another 2 or 4 people to join their game to start a match.
I believe that when this the case we should allow people to go into singleplayer and play with bots instead of real people. Making it very easy to get into a game and maybe have a full lobby you could play with a friend or 2!
I’d say it would help a lot since nobody likes to wait around for other people to join their game.

As someone who usually plays only with 1-2 people sometimes just myself, this would be a great feature in my opinion, however it would likely be hard to implement correctly because it would be likely the bots would be too stupid or too insanely hard. I’ve seen games where the enemies essentially have aimbot, so if we could get at least a difficulty setting for the bot, or make them very balanced.


Your right about that. I believe the dev team could come up with something that won’t make the bots just dumb to play against but also not that hard to play with.


Going to bump this since someone was talking about a singleplayer mode for Virus. I really do believe this would be great for the minigames since some people just don’t have enough friends to play a game that requires 4 people like Virus.


Sorry to bring this up again.
As much I love the idea for bots for any game.

There should be a downside to at least encourage looking for actual players.

Like, say the player gets little to no units for playing with only bots in Singleplayer.
This should at least acknowledge bots are there for fun, not grinding.

Now bots as a filler for a small group, definitely sounds like a wonderful idea!


I agree with this 100%, yeah. At least 50% Unit deduction for playing with bots, maybe more like 66% honestly. This for LC, Virus & SDNL would be awesome though. Especially when there’s a period where no one wants to play one of those games.


Have my vote. This would be amazing for practicing too when a server is not too active and there are not many people who would join your game anyway. On top of that, allow bots to join existing games with real people BUT allow host players to disable this option or just make it so that it’s disabled by default but it’s still there if you want it. Could work as a check box when starting Game World session.