Booze Bash Suggestion

a lot of people skip Booze Bash because it’s hard to play. I was thinking adding water bottles or some kind of power up that makes you less drunk or resets the status entirely. The only strategy currently is to leave the arena. die. and come back to not be drunk

I feel like booze bash is meant to be very chaotic and challenging but I could understand the frustration from newer or lesser experienced players that wanna do good with the minigame.

If they added the ability to lose the drunk effects some people may find a way to exploit it and make it possible to play booze bash and never get drunk or gain a better advantage on other players who don’t know they can lose the drunk effect.

Either way it could be a cool idea to add a way besides dying to lose the drunk effect.


I’d rather people play this minigame than just skip out on it, ya know? You can already cheese it by respawning when you get too drunk, but I understand what you’re saying

yea it makes sense. I never see people join food frenzy either which sucks.

There’s a lot of lost potential in TU because some players disagree with how things are made or added or updated and instead of appreciating that the game is even playable and amazing they disregard the whole event or update itself and insult or blame the devs for not making it perfect.

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That might be because it isn’t obvious that you’re able to left click to air-dash in those minigames also. Not knowing this might turn them off from playing it

That because they recently broke the fruit/beer spawn mechanics, which make them spawn inside minigame pad, which reduced the amount of collected points (for me from 33k to 20k, +30% cut) [That why people dont join, I think so…]

Or probably it is unrewardful at all. Imagine getting only 3k score and 3k units just because combo is slow and you’re so drunk and cant collect anymore. It is easy to get x10 combo at the start, but further you’re just have hard times to control movements, thus harder to get combo futher that x1 / x2 (25 , 50).

IIRC that what description of Booze Bash on entering says, about chaotic gameplay and collect 'em all while possible.

I would suggest little combo buff, with/without water, just because leaving minigame pad and suicide is also stragety which noone suprisingly using. [except me]

I always get 15k+ in fruit/food frenzy, so I’m not sure about having a buff to that

I like this idea, how about you just make the water spawn after a certain amount of drunk-ness

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Perhaps the scoring of Booze Bash could be separated from that of Fruit Frenzy. What if, instead of a combo multiplier, Booze Bash had a drunkenness multiplier? It only decreases if you get less drunk, in this case either by dying/resetting or by grabbing a water bottle. If you’re having a hard time being drunk, getting water will reset you so you can start nabbing points again. If you can handle being excessively drunk, you can get tons of points, but it’ll always be hard to deal with the drunk effects, and you need to consciously avoid the water that would reset your multiplier.


Am I the only one who’s playing minigames while beeing stuck under the map?

yea never had this happen before.

I had one glitch where i flew under the map somehow but I can’t remember what I did to fall under.

You can’t remember? You were drunk or what? Few booze bash rounds before breaking the game?