Bonus tries on tornado

although tornado is one of the highest-pace game in the TU arcade, you have to pay 100 units per play and you can only gain up to 100 tickets at once. because this game, however, requires a certain accuracy and skills to reach it, i believe this game should come with the following:

  1. instead of only 1 try on a 10-credit play, you will have 2 tries.
  2. before you are allowed to launch the ball, the system will randomly select two holes that will gain you 2 bonus tries if you have hit one of the correct one, those are called “bonus holes”.
  3. those “bonus holes” are indicated with blinking lights.
  4. the play can then potentially go endless, but bonus tries can only be accumulated up to 3 at a time.

which means you can gain exactly 200 tickets if you have hit 100 tickets twice but none considered bonus hole.