Boardwalk update idea

So now that weapon prediction is done, Laser Tag and Shooting Gallery shouldn’t be too far behind right? The roller coaster is near completion as well.

What I was thinking was to have the next big update include the majority of things from the boardwalk including:

  • Laser Tag
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Rollercoaster
  • Kamikaze ride? (the progress on this looks great)

And to go with these main attractions include:

  • Laser Tag themed furniture
  • Purchasable foliage sold in the beach hut (palms, bushes, flowers; you already have the assets since they’re in the plaza)
  • New condo type? (Highrise Apartment or the Underwater condo if it’s not released by then)

I just feel like TU is in dire need of a big update and everything I’ve listed would be great to have in the update imo and isn’t unrealistic either. Thoughts?

might be just me, but I prefer smaller updates with one or two features each

EDIT: then again, it’s better to do bigger updates from a developer standpoint. You get more people to return to your game if you smash a big update in their face

exactly the logic I had in mind. plus if it’s as big as this, a trailer could be released which could give the game more interest that way

Each major feature added to an update can make the update take 2x longer.

If the feature is done, then we will put it out.

As for major updates, was major. The amount of behind the scenes work was insane. And it took 3-4 weeks of constant work.

Laser Tag is about 3 weeks off from release, where as the Underwater Condo is a week off. Shooting Gallery is being remade, so it is not a lame activity, and is in prototype stages.

The beach store was something planned, just comes down to time. Takes time to put items into the game.


I know there was a lot of work on but I mean ‘major’ in terms of content.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind waiting longer for an update if it meant a massive increase in things to do within the game.
But that’s fine; you obviously have your own content release system and if you’re happy with it I can’t complain.