Boardwalk Sports Arena (Large Comprehensive Update Suggestion including Achievements, Gameplay, etc)

Boardwalk Sports Arena

I’ve seen a recurring theme throughout the suggestions in the Boardwalk section, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them have been very sports-oriented / sports focused. So I decided to take an amalgamation of what I’ve seen, add a bunch of my own suggestions, and elaborate on a lot of them, allowing for a whole new area to the Plaza, the Boardwalk Sports Arena!

Like with Laser Tag, Bowling, etc it would be its own separate warp zone. Inside the Sports Arena would be several minigames (launching with five perhaps would be a good number) in which you can earn credits (it could also tie nicely into the upcoming Daily Reward system / Double EXP weekend system). There would be a unique shop inside to buy specific sports-related items that would be created for the update (+ there’s already a good amount of existing sports items that could populate the unique shop too, freeing up room in the other shops that already exist).

Some of the suggestions for games I’ve gotten from the Boardwalk Games Suggestions or I’ve come up with on my own (I’ve also expanded heavily on some of the ideas I’ve seen in

  • Batting Cage: A minigame where players have to aim the bat at precisely the right area and swing to hit the ball. The speed in which you swing the bat could be controlled using the same system that determines how hard you hit a ball in minigolf. Credits would be earned based on how hard you hit the ball, how many times you hit the ball out of a predetermined amount of balls shot at you, and whether the ball lands on targets hung up on the wall behind the ball launcher.

Possible Achievements for Batting Cage:

Fuddy Duddy - Knock over the ball launcher with a ball you hit.
Swing and a Miss - Get 25 strikes total
Hey, Batter Batter! - Get 25 hits total
Home Run - Hit the center of a target sheet on the back wall
Hit the Showers - Successfully hit all 10 balls the launcher pitches at you

  • Tennis: A minigame where two players in first-person perspective run around a court, playing tennis. Scoring Credit distribution is based on who wins a round, and at the end how many rounds a person has won in total, along with rewards for winning the set itself.

For those who don’t know, Tennis’s scoring system goes like this.

Both players start at zero (known as “love”)
Max score is 40, but it’s done in four-point increments.
So love - 15 - 30 - 40 - game point (win)
Serving (hitting the ball first) would be decided by a coin flip, and the speed at which you hit the ball would be determined by the same power system as minigolf/batting cage.

Possible Achievements for Tennis:

Flyby Ball - Pitch a serve that the opposing player misses
Crikey! - Win a set of Tennis
Wimbledon Ready - Win 25 sets of Tennis total
Hot Court Potato - Have a single round go longer than ten successful consecutive hits on the tennis rackets
Explosive Racket - Pitch a serve at max power
Scuffed Shoes - Play 15 rounds of Tennis total
From Love to Dusk - Be tied with your opponent at 40 points

  • Football Race: A fun game where you and up to three other players are each holding a football. Your goal is to make it to the other end of the football field first while objects are in your way and AI run at you and try to knock you over. Getting knocked over shoots you back two lines on the field (the AI that hit you disappears). Consider it an obstacle course race style game. The first player to get to the end of the obstacle course wins the most credits. Credits are doled out based on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th placing respectively. AI would be football players with helmets (so that individual faces don’t have to be modeled), with different numbered jerseys (all the same color), and the AI would be called “Team Unite” or something similar.

Possible Achievements for Football Race:

Fumble! - Get knocked down by Team Unite (AI) 10 times total
Might As Well Have Been A Wall! - Run into an obstacle
Touchdown - Make it to the end of the Football Field
Stamina Dance - Win 1st place
Season Bonus - Win 1st place 25 times
Benched - Place anything other than 1st after being knocked back by Team Unite (AI) near the final yard line

  • Dodgeball: A game where up to eight players would run around throwing balls, trying to knock the other player out of the game. The balls would be thrown using the minigolf/batting cage/tennis power system while moving (this could be difficult to program). You also have a chance to “catch” the ball and save one of your teammates while also sending the opposing thrower to the sideline. The player chosen to be brought back in would be random. Really simple but really fun.

Possible Achievements for Dodgeball:

Sideline Savior - Catch a ball being thrown at you
Schoolyard Bully - Hit players with balls 25 times total
This Calls For Explusion - Hit players with balls 100 times total
Last One Picked - Get hit by 25 balls total
To the Nurse’s Office - Get hit by 100 balls total
Outreach Program - Be saved by a teammate catching the ball
Right Into Their Hands! - Have one of your balls caught by an opposing team member

Like with the Nightclub, Bowling, etc there would be a specific EXP system for being in the Sports Arena for specific intervals of time, playing the sports games, etc

Sports Arena EXP Rankings:

  • Benched
  • Tryout
  • Fresh Pick
  • Season Favorite
  • MVP
  • Coach
  • Hall of Fame

Well, this is what I’ve got so far. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I genuinely hope something like this gets implemented!

I’ve been meaning to suggest something like this for a while. It would be great to have some sort of sports center where people can play conventional sports like Basketball, Football, Baseball, Gridiron, Tennis and so on, even though matchmaking could be difficult for some of these.

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That’s why I made the specific sports suggestions that I did, to keep into account possible low player counts early in the morning and stuff.

Tennis only requires one other person, super easy to find.
Batting Cage isn’t played with other people.
Football Race is a max four-player game and can be played with less.
Dodgeball is the only one that would probably be harder to find people (as like Virus it would probably require a minimum of four players), but it would easily be the most popular sport game so that’s somewhat mitigated.


Hell yeah, this sounds awesome


Football in Tower Unite…
That is a real idea

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I hope that if we get any of these we can use workshop models and not look like milk cartons the whole time.
It be funny to be a shorty on the tennis court or batting cage.


All of this would be great! This would be a cool area to add in the unfinished island that they are working on.

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