Boardwalk Expansion question

As you may all know, the boardwalk is going to have an a expansion for new shops and activities. If you have not noticed yet, the current boardwalk build on Lobby 2 and the current alpha is about half of the Plaza map. If we add more to the boardwalk, the area would be larger than the tower section of the map. What I’m trying to say is, (I’m guessing) the boardwalk section of the map will be larger and probably more attracting than the primary part of the map: the Tower area. In short-words, I Don’t want the beach area to be more exciting and more updated as the primary part of the map, like haveing access to boats, sand castle building, etc. Will the Tower area get some kind of expansion or have more added features/activities at some point? I’m not interested or looking for a response for this answer, I’m just curious. :wink:

Disclaimer I’m not saying that the boardwalk expansion is a terrible area (Infact, I can’t wait for it.) Or that the Plaza area is not getting enough attention, just wondering if the plaza will get any added features like the boardwalk! :grinning:

The fake houses are going to be replaced with the actual buildings that the team wants to add.

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