Board Games!

I know we already have checkers in GMT but is it possible to add more in Unite? Chess, go, connect4, mancala etc. They’d be expensive to own of course but there could be some in the lobby for public matches.

I was thinking that this spot

could be a good place to put them.

So what do you guys think, could this be possibility?


they should put connect4 in the arcade! i remember seeing one of those machines in a arcade

I’d be all for this idea. But I’d spread the games around the lobby. Connect 4 in the arcade, Chess in the tower lobby area with the couches, Mancala somewhere on the boardwalk…

Connect 4 and Tic Tac Toe already have a perfect strategy that makes sure you can’t lose, so they shouldn’t be included

just make sure that some of those game aren’t’ trademark. i think connect 4 is trademark.

Aren’t all board games trademarked?

there few board game that is very old tradition games that aren’t ™ like Mancala Game.

Most classic board games aren’t trademarked, and in case they were, it’s not like there can be applied to make a few changes. And…

Oh Mancala. That’s one I would like to see, there was another virtual world me and a group of friend played several years ago and I was the only one who figured how to play it.

you wrong about that because company always made trek on board games.I"m say most modern class games that you cold recognize all ready been trademark.

I like the ideas of classic boardgames, like Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, and Mancala. What about classic card games? Like Go Fish or Old Maid? It could also be possible to re-create some trademarked boardgames. Like in Zelda: Wind Waker, they recreated Battleship by using squids instead of the battleships. Anyone up for a round of “The Game of Death”?

I like that idea. It’d help encourage visiting each part of the world.

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