Board Games In The Lobby- Chess, Uno, Connect 4, Etc

I would love to see board games be implemented into the TU lobby. It would add more replayable content to the lobby. Games like Uno and chess have been all over youtube in the last year so, I think they would be quite popular as spin-offs in TU.

What do you guys think of this idea? Is it practical? or even interesting?

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We have line up 4 planned, but other mentioned board games nothing yet. The main issue with board games is they take time to implement the logic and gameplay. But it definitely would be cool to have some.


Is “line up 4” the same thing as “Connect 4”? If so, that’s amazing. Love me some Connect 4


Understandable :slight_smile:! Thanks for considering it.


Totally agree!

I mean we can’t call it connect 4 or they would probably be sued by whoever owns the copyright for connect 4 lmao

Will there be any milestones or achievements implemented for them?

Duh. Obviously. Just wanted to make sure that’s actually what they are referring to.

Depending on how complex the games are, I’d probably make some EXP related to them (possibly something like Condo Games). Definitely achievements.


Ah, because I would definitely like milestones that let us add the games to our condos!

Hi, for the UNO card game would be nice to be added as a “game world” game. Making servers of 6 players, following same gameplay as the UNO in Steam but with catsack cards lol. Winner earns units.

Another good alternative would be selling it as a table and putting it down in your condo so 2-4 players can play “UNO” at the condo or plaza.

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