Board games for the Condo + New Currency Idea!

I’ve been thinking for a while about stuff that could improve the condo experience. One of the ideas I’ve had for a while now is that it would be really nice to have more stuff to do in the condo together with friends or solo, instead of just sitting around or watching YouTube videos. Adding simple board games like Chess, Solitaire, Dart, Billiards, Yahtzee or Reversi. This would promote condo hangouts more if there is was more activities to do.

Another thing that would go well with this addition would be if a “Condo specific currency” was added that is earned the longer you do activities with your friends. And with said currency you could buy more condo specific games to play with your friends or maybe badges to hang up on the wall. These two additions would go hand in hand to promote more condo usage.

I started thinking about this idea after visiting my friends big custom-built condo where he has many rooms for lots of activities to be had in. But as of now there really isn’t much to do in any of these rooms except hang out and watch the media player.

Any feedback from either the devs or other players would be really nice. I want to hear what others think about this idea. I’m sure this concept have been brought up many times before and that I’m not the first one to think of this. But regardless, it would be a great addition to the game that I believe most people would see in a positive light.

playable board games are indeed planned, specifically line-up-4 (connect-4), salmon says (simon says), chess, and checkers as far as i know! according to the spreadsheet, those four would be purchaseable at the arcade

a tyyypeee of condo currency is also planned, coming with condo I/O (it’s not exactly what you’re suggesting, as those condo games would be purchased from shops with units or tickets instead of a special condo currency)

the planned “condo currency” will make it so that you’ll be able to give players “currency”, which could be money, special hp, etc with a customizable icon, name, and placement on the hud

you’ll be able to use these currencies to trigger “outputs” (for example, using 20 currency to open up a door)

mac talks a little bit about it here:

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Not sure if I’m a fan of putting capitalization in players hands.

don’t worry! it’s only for that condo specifically, it won’t be used as actual currency in the game

think of it like this, somebody can give you 20 currency for their condo specifically, the host/builder can give you as many currency as they want as it’s only for their condo

with that currency, you can only use it for things in specifically their condo . for example, they can set up a door that will subtract 20 of their condo currency from you if you interact with it

mac was saying how he wants to have the option to set up 10 or so currencies maximum per condo save, those currencies would be exclusive to that condo save, noone elses, no other save

if it helps, you can think of it like a little number counter that the host can increase or decrease for their condo specifically depending on things you do, it could increase when you pick up a money bag, and decrease when you touch a door to “unlock it” . it doesn’t involve actual units at all!

this’ll all happen when condo i/o rolls around, which will allow players to make inputs and outputs (hence the i/o) for item interaction within their condos, you can read more about condo i/o here!

it was probably a poor idea to bring up condo currency for condo i/o when you were talking about an actual currency exclusively for purchasing condo related items, that’s my fault, sorry!

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