Blank White Wall for Projector

There’s no Blank White Wall for the Projector. The whitest texture currently has spots on it. Easy fix, much want. Thank you.

There is a projector screen item ingame, have you seen it?

You can also just use a completely blank canvas.

Protip: 6 full-sized canvases are bigger than the tripod projector screen

The screen doesn’t look nice. Projecting onto a wall is a nicer look. Less Boardroom.

I could make a really simple wall material, if that is what you’re asking for.


That is correctly what I’m asking for.

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You can try the aforementioned canvas trick.

Just use this plain white picture

That would have to be a really huge canvas and it would leave a white box on the wall when the projector is off. It’s like nobody cares about their condo not looking terrible.

hey man i spent 400k on canvases alone

its a bitch to set up but its an imax screen!!

It’s really not that big. Just put multiple canvas together. And if you do it right it certainly won’t look terrible. Go take a look at some other peoples condo’s. Blasphemous has an epic theatre for example. He used white canvas and had no problem whatsoever.