Blacks Ops 4 Release Trailer!


With Black Ops 4 confirming there are no exo-suits or jumps/wall rides and the gameplay is all grounded. It’s safe to say they’re finally listening to their fans and with the new addition of Blackout better known as the Battle Royale gamemode. Looks like it’s going to be a good year for the new call of duty.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts?
I’m buzzing.


Every game is PUBG/Fortnite now. Can’t wait for Tower Unite Battle Royale.

Battle Royale is an awful trend that needs to end as soon as possible.


No exosuits? Oh, that’s neat, I think? Oh, and there’s no more wall running? That’s a good thing, right? Yeah, this is really neat…

I only played a little bit of Black ops 1 and nothing else CoD related, I just think that them adding a battle royal mode is really dumb and just screams “We want money.”.


There was so much going on in that multiplayer trailer I could barely process it. I feel like a lot of game series get too convoluted as they go on. I can’t really judge because I fell off COD a while ago and was never huge on it in the first place, but I feel like the MW games were so much simpler than whatever I just watched. However if they’re removing stuff like exo-suits and wall running then maybe they’re learning a lesson on that.

Not closely related but watching the trailer reminded me of a similar feeling when I tried playing through Saints Row IV recently. It was so messy and flashy and just completely changed the pacing and feel of the series. The new powers and mechanics were cool and fun for a bit, but it made vehicles and guns useless. Made me want to go back and play SR2 where I enjoyed the gun play and cared about the car I was driving, like an open world crime game should do. Some series just evolve in a direction I don’t like.

I just went off on a tangent and now I’m reinstalling Saints Row 2.


CoD 4 was the last one I cared about. CoD 2 was probably the best game they ever made, must be tough for them to have peaked so early. Some neat ideas occasionally but I take new CoD games about as seriously as I took Lawbreakers. Surprised they are still going to be honest.


Haha watching Cliff Bleszinski’s projects over the last few years has been sad. They drop Lawbreakers in the over saturated market of hero shooters, it gets no players, so Boss Key Productions says “Hey that didn’t work whatsoever. Lets try to cash grab in the newest over saturated market, Battle Royales!” It was probably just their only shot at staying afloat so you can’t blame them too much.

I was going to actually give Radical Heights a try, despite it being a BR and its style being a little too WHACKY, just because I love BMX bikes in modern games. The second I saw it was from the studio that did Law Breakers and the reviews were mixed I said “Nope”.


Yeah, it’s pretty sad. Cliff really went downhill after he left Epic. He probably should’ve just stayed retired.


I think call of duty is just a game made for fans of the franchise now rather than attracting a new audience so growing up playing call of duty, I am excited but you either like it or hate it.


No more wall running and exosuits is much better since everyone was complaining about how futuristic the game was getting. So yeah, it is a good thing since they are slowly going back to how it used to be.

minus the exception of adding batle royale to the mix but yeah.


Funny enough, I fucking hate CoD and I’m fucking hyped as shit for this. Looks like this may be the best CoD yet.


Apparently, it won’t have a singleplayer campaign and will be much closer to a hero shooter (with unique character abilities and such) than a traditional COD game. Make of that what you will, I’m not a fan of the series.

I’d say dev studios should be allowed to make whatever games/gamemodes they want, if we’re talking about full, finished games. What’s wrong with making one from scratch? There’s a market for this genre, a lot of people enjoy it and I don’t think devs owe their fans more sequels to games they’ve already made. Yeah, they’re chasing current trends, but if the result is a bunch of well-made, fun games, albeit of a genre you don’t like, what’s the problem?



Let me first mention that I do have a bias against the franchise, and I recognize that. I would like to enjoy the series, but these things keep me from it. I’m going to try to keep it as factual as possible instead of using “in my opinion”, “I think”, etc. Here’s a bit of a synopsis on what the game was vs. what it has become.

The Call of Duty series’ multiplayer has, until the early 2010s, always been a casual FPS with loadouts, perks, killstreaks, and level-based progression. The maps were small-medium sized for the most part, and the matches were fast paced. It’s a simple formula and it worked well for a long time. It’s what defined the series and is what myself and many others remember it best for. Modern Warfare 1 and 2, World at War, and Call of Duty 3 are fantastic examples. They weren’t needlessly complex and had no lootboxes or season passes, yet the earlier games are regarded very highly among fans when compared to the likes of Black Ops 3, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, etc. The only microtransactions were map packs, not useless cosmetics or loot boxes which may-or-may-not give you a legendary item, thus a competitive edge against other players who didn’t spend an additional $20. Modern Call of Duty games are simply weighted toward making Activision as large of a profit as possible at the expense of delivering sub-par quality games. They instead rely on gimmicks instead of creating memorable maps, weapons, or gameplay that flows well as they have previously.

I digress, though. So, battle royale in the Call of Duty series.

The problem is that there’s no inspiration. Anyone can include a battle royale gametype and bank off of its guaranteed success, which is obviously what’s happening in this case. They know it’s going to attract Fortnite/PUBG players and sales will inevitably skyrocket. This may not be the case in one or two years, however, when battle royale may be replaced by another trend.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to experiment with new gamemodes and take risks for something your players may or may not like, but there’s no risk at all in essentially porting another company’s game into your own. Companies need to make money, yes, and following trends is a good way to guarantee sales, though a lazy one. The problem is that when companies do this for multiple years in a row, we somehow wonder why the entire gaming market feels stale and saturated with nearly indistinguishable games. The cycle continues.

It just so happens that battle royale is the flavor-of-the-month genre right now. It’s flooded the market with clones and knock-offs, usually of abhorrent quality in a rushed attempt to make a profit before everyone’s sick of it. What I’m saying is that Activision could have spent their development time creating a single player campaign with good writing or more maps for multiplayer, but instead, they’re just milking the cash cow at the expense of originality. Battle royale is a modern day gold rush for developers, nothing more.

Oddly, I want to like the Call of Duty series, which is why I’m upset in the first place. I loved the older games, and for a while, it was my go-to FPS on consoles. Every game felt different, whereas if you showed me a screenshot of any modern Call of Duty, I would likely have to guess if it were Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare, or Infinite Warfare. Now, it’s all about high-tech aesthetics, wall running, jetpacks, and essentially trying as hard as possible to be Titanfall. From what I’ve heard they removed jetpacks which is a step in the right direction. Giving a player so many locomotion options is overwhelming, and removes the simplicity which made it an appealing FPS in the first place.

Battle royale doesn’t belong in the Call of Duty series, nor do any of the overly complicated mechanics or additions it has recieved in the last decade. It used to have a formula that worked, and people loved. They found a formula that makes a larger profit, and are likely going to stick to it unless we speak with our money by not buying uninspired games.

Sorry for the wall of text.

TL;DR: By being okay with Activision cashing in on the battle royale trend, we as consumers are being complacent with companies producing mediocre games that rely on trends to be successful instead of creating memorable experiences like they used to.


Ok so, I did only read the tl;dr but (solely based on the tl;dr) this is exactly what vtipoman said. There’s nothing wrong with Call of Duty introducing a mode that you don’t like. A lot of people (myself included) love Battle Royale games. I don’t find Battle Royale games to be mediocre at all. Also, we have seen literally nothing of the Battle Roayle mode yet, so we have no idea whether it will be a “memorable experience” or not. They did stress in the presentation that the only way they were ever gonna do a Battle Royale mode is if they could make it unique and do it “the Black Ops way”, so it could potentially stand out from the rest. But even if it does end up being just another Battle Royale mode, I’m fine with that because, like I said, I love Battle Royale games.


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