Birthday Party

As you may or may not know, today is my birthday and I am hosting a big party in my condo at 12pm GMT.


Sorry m8 but it isnt possible to create condo parties yet, although your friends can still join your condo.

Yeah I know, but anyone can come and celebrate.

That is true, although we would need the name of the condo incase we aren’t on your friends list.

Its just Agent2583’s Condo.

Happy birthday!:birthday:

Ill be there, aint much to do with a shitty internet connection.

The party has started.

Party’s over.

Couldnt make it, but I wish you a happy birthday and hope that the party was fun!

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Ya it was pretty good.

although the party would have more guest if we had the broadcast party function.
Ah well.

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Happy birthday!

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sorry, couldn’t be there, i was around 1 hour earlier tho

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