#Ladies and gentleman, i present to you…


The plushie that everyone was waiting for,

Please do not cut it with knife at it might release an ancient spirits that will destroy the world

#-Avaiable when workshop support comes, and if i figure out how to port items to the game-

#But now you can download it for free!

-Made with using blender software

-@PatrykPL24 isn’t responsible for death or dismemberment, but there’s nothing to worry about-

I’m also really sorry for that Birbsack drama




Looks like it just came out of the hydraulic press


not bad, could use some optimization but its looking good


That’s quite some verticles right there. Otherwise, it’s a nice model.

I suggest to give “low poly” modelling a chance. It comes really handy, if you wanna do commissions for game devs.


Try to decrease subtivision surface to 2


It’s a bit too short given its length and width, but looks fairly good overall.


Why is this in suggestions?


I changed it to community showcases, don’t know who changed it.



You had to?


But this doesn’t belong in community showcase.
“Community Showcase: Here you can post about things you’ve seen, done, or created in Tower Unite / GMTower.”[quote=“Creepkillpop, post:8, topic:19397, full:true”]
Why is this in suggestions?

Because it’s a “suggestion” to add it into the game through workshop or to just add it to Tower Unite

“Community Showcase, Workshop” seems the most fitting for this topic.


Yes and no where in this topic does it say to add it to the game


It does say that it will be in the workshop.


Proably yes. :full_moon_with_face:


When I place a camera and render it, even if I clear restricted render, it doesn’t show up in the render. Help?


I Would Love To See This!