Bingo should be added

I think you should add a bingo game

i would love to see to have both US and UK rules and played live.
btw pls move this to casino suggestions.

There’s a difference?

nah, but bingo has significant relationship to gambling. sorry for any offence.

Dude i would cool for Bingo, it be fun to play and hang out with peeps while doing it!

i do not think Bingo is gambling lol, your just playing to earn money or prizes if they ever add it.

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Done! Also, you’re regular. Do you know how to do it?


i could not do it through mobile that time srry :joy:

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Regular is automatically granted to users who read and post a lot on this forum.


I know. I don’t feel worthy of Regular. I just come on if I have extra time

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It’s fine lol. I was just asking in case you didn’t and then I could help you out lol.

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