BINGO Condo - using google Spreadsheets [EVENT OVER]

Hi everyone,
for the last few days i’ve been working on a Semi Automatic Bingo Spreadsheet to be used in Tower Unite. And after a few testing Rounds its at a stage for People to Play. (Workshop Version will follow once Media Players Save URL’s)
Any Winners will get a Picture on the Winner Wall (would love other prices like Units, Items, but no way to trade them, looking at you Devs :thinking:)
The Game will support up to 27 Players! (or more if im not lazy)
Ill Announce an Event where i will Host the Condo for Everyone to check out and play.


Spreadsheet for anyone who wants to check it out.

Saturday - 25. September - 7PM UTC Link to Countdown/Local Time // EVENT OVER


woahh this is super cool!! how does is it semi-automatic/how does it work :o

By Semi-Automatic i mean there wont be any Player input required (other than calling Bingo), only the Admin/Host will have to interact with the sheet to make it work.
Player Cards color the called Numbers Automaticly, i was looking into other ways of doing it, but this seemed to be the only reliable way. I want it all to happen In-Condo so you dont have to tap out.

Basically at the start of eaach round i “Deploy Cards”, the sheet will then make 4 random Bingo cards and Copy them onto a “Player” Sheet (1 Sheet/MediaPlayer per Player). it will do that for all players.
Then all i need to do is “call” and the script will choose a random number between 1-75 and “draw it”. the sheets all grab info from that and color the numbers accordingly.
The Pattern is just a drawing of several squares that can be edited by hand into whatever pattern i want.
I also made it so i can run the scripts by changing a checkmark, this enables me to use it on my phone so im free to talk/type ingame.
I would love to make it fully automatic, but its not possible to do it all without players having to tab out of the game, and thats not what i want.

Im also still decorating to not make it feel so empty, and make it look more like an actual Bingo Hall