BINGO BUG (with pictures)

I lost 40000 credits when I got Blackout in Bingo

Steps to Reproduce

I was playing Bingo and there was only me playing, there was no more players participate, I bought one card that costs 10000,and when I got Blackout I should receive 30000 instead of lost 40000. The number on the top right corner showed +30000 at the first time,and then immediately turned into -40000

I got Blackout

It showed I won 30000 credits on top right corner

And immediately turned into -40000

The result

What I expected to happen

I should won 30000 credits when I got Blackout in Bingo instead of lost 40000

What happened

I don’t know how this bug triggered, it seems very random to me.

Notes / Media

Pictures have been given. :3

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