Billboard Sprite Canvases

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a billboard sprite is sprite in 3D space that’s always set to be facing the camera. Think enemies/props in Doom and Duke Nukem 3D or even a few elements in TU itself like the customizable lightbulbs in the condos.

Feel like a canvas type that lets you put in an image that’s always facing people could have potential for things like using it to fake certain effects (fog, clouds, fire, types of lights?) or even just for goofing off like putting a sprite of some character in your condo.

Canvas Statue has the ability to have the Image always face the camera, and you’ll be able to hide the Statue Base in a coming update.
However, the statue will face any direction you look at it from, so you can’t prevent it from tilting up or down (which should be an option)


Oh dang thank you so much, I had no clue about that, sorry! Guess I always figured they were just flat planes.

Being able to stop it from tilting up and down would definitely be nice though, I can imagine. Really looking forward to the update where you can remove the base, too.