Big fps lag

Im sorry to the people that play at 30 fps in advance.

So, Every gameworld runs at 100-150fps on turbo, no vsync. So does my condo, friends condo, anythjng the isnt the lobby. But as soon as i join a lobby its down to 30fps, no higher no lower, just solid 30 with occasional freezes and long texture loading times;

GTX 960 2GB not OC
16gb hyperx somethingorother ram
AMD FX-4130 3.9-4.2 GZ.
good airflow, is there a way to fix this, i tried setting priority above normal and also remember it us only in the lobby, thanks


is normal
and way better than gmt
get over it, topkek,
but if they could fix it that would be nice of course


I have HAD the same GPU, but different CPU. The game seems to be very CPU bound and if you don’t have a CPU that can handle it, your FPS will drop. not to mention the game isn’t that well optimized at the moment. I get anywhere from 30-110FPS in game. I drop frames mostly in the condos. Just be glad you can run it at 30FPS and above as GMTower usually ran 20-30FPS max

edit: Just recently traded in my 960 for a new Card


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I get 60 fps everywhere but the condo, where it occasionally drops as low as 50. Like spongeyperson said, it may just be your cpu.